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This page displays measures about how visitors connect with communities and Māori culture in Aotearoa New Zealand. We are researching datasets to provide a better understand on how welcome are host communities and the depth of local knowledge shown by the tourism sector.

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List of datasets used in this page: International Visitor Survey

List of area levels covered in this page: National

International visitor connection with Māori culture

This graph shows the proportion of international visitors who participated in Māori cultural experiences during their stay in New Zealand, and identify the Māori culture as a reason for booking a stay in New Zealand.

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Controls enabled: quarterly

How to read this graph:

Each line of this graph shows the proportion of international visitors who either participated in Māori activities, or identified seeing Māori culture as a reason for booking. The x-axis shows the date of responses. The y-axis shows the proportion of participants that participated in Māori cultural activities.

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