Tourism Recovery Dashboard

7 July 2022

StatsNZ + Marketview + Data Ventures

The Tourism Recovery Dashboard tracks the border reopening and its effect on the recovery of the tourism sector from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is updated weekly with StatsNZ provisional border crossing and visitor arrival data, Data Ventures international visitor distribution data, and Marketview international electronic card spend.

Border crossing data measures all crossings in and out of New Zealand every day. These data do not incorporate arrival card information so no breakdown of traveller type (e.g. overseas visitor, New Zealand resident) is available. Border arrivals by country show the country of the last overseas port where the passenger boarded before arriving in New Zealand, not their country of usual residence or nationality. Arrivals from the Pacific Islands are largely attributed to critical and essential workers rather than tourists.

Visitor arrival data measures the arrivals of short-term overseas visitors from Australia and other countries. Data on other countries will be made available as the border reopens to visa-waiver countries from May.

International visitor distribution data measures international visitor volumes for each RTO using aggregated, anonymised and encrypted cell phone location data of internationally registered numbers at midday. No breakdown by country is available.

International electronic card spend indicates change in spend patterns in the economy, and in particular, cards from overseas financial institutions that transact on the Worldline (formerly Paymark) network. Transactions outside the Worldline network (e.g. cash, online spend) are not included. See the Consumer Spend Dashboard to better understand the limitations of this dataset.